Property Management

    Vacation Rentals Nosara offer the service of Property Management, Vacation Rental Homes and Concierge. Property Management is what we do and focus on, therefore we make rental properties our priority number one. Management services fees may vary according to the property size and services required. Contact us for more information.

    Property Management Services:
  • Weekly property supervision
  • Monthly report to owner.
  • Housekeeping twice a week
  • Garden maintenance two times a week
  • Monthly payment of utilities
  • Employees payments
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Banking
  • Pool service payments
  • Municipality Taxes payments
  • Homeowner’s insurance payments
  • Representation with NCA and ASADA
  • Opening and closing of house for you and guests.
    Rentals Services
  • Advertizing your house in our website
  • Management of house rental schedule
  • Collect of deposits and rental balance payments
  • Collecting security deposit
  • Assistance to clients with questions and concerns
  • Help with travel arrangements to clients
  • Check in and check out to clients
  • Available staff to assist with any problems at the house.

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